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Why use a Professional Painter when you can do it yourself?

“Should we do it ourselves, or hire a professional”.  It’s an age old question, but one that almost always comes up when a new home improvement project is on the horizon.  At first glance it may seem like an easy answer.  “If we do it ourselves we can save money!”  The reality is, that it’s not always that cut and dry.


We have all seen the “Lowes” commercials that make everything look so easy.  Sure it’s tempting to just make a trip to the local hardware store and pick up a few gallons of your favorite color(s), a few brushes, a roller and some blue tape.  Block off a weekend and get ready to save some money.  After all how difficult could it be? will be more than happy to help.


The reality is that while painting a room looks simple enough on paper, there is a dramatic difference between a first-timer and an expert tackling the project.   After all, painting may be fun, but preparing the surface can be a very time consuming process, not to mention dangerous.  In the end many times it’s a financial decision.  If time is more important to you than money, hiring a professional painter is the smart investment. On the other hand, if saving money is more important, doing the painting yourself could possibly reduce the total costs of the job, assuming common mistakes are avoided.


When making you decision, remember the following ...


  • Painting is a skilled trade that requires training and appropriate tool: Professionals understand how to properly prepare surfaces, based on each situation they know the proper paint to use, and most of all they know how to get the job done correctly in a timely manner with minimal disruption to you.  Painters also have all the required tools to achieve a quality finish.

  • It can be a dangerous and/or hazardous: Working on ladders and dealing with solvents and dusts can be hazardous. Older houses may be coated in poisonous lead paints. Professional painters know how to handle these dangerous situations and substances and minimize the risks. They also have the appropriate safety equipment to keep you and your family and themselves safe.

  • Preparation and Cleanup:  These are two most overlooked items when attempting the job on your own. Professionals know how to properly protect a room so your home, floors, and furnishings aren’t damaged. Spills and accidents can happen and if you have done an improper job of prepping a room, the cost savings of doing the job yourself can be less that the cost to repair any damage.


Never underestimate the value of your time.  Hiring a well-chosen pro virtually guarantees a quality job in a quicker time – and what is YOUR time worth?


We understand that hiring a professional painter to paint your home is not a decision to take lightly. While anybody can slap paint onto your walls, it takes considerable expertise and experience to get a truly high quality finish.


It may take you some searching to find the right person for the job. To better help you with the process we have include a link with tips on how to choose the right company for your project.


Helpful tips on How to Find a Painter

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